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I decided to release some pieces of code which i wrote and still maintain for several work projects.

Although i am not following rules of #bash@freenode for naming a script, i released the NetMonK StandarD LibrarY on Github

you can find anything on github at this location :

Assembly Code

Im also starting a journey into assembly language, mostly x86_64 and linux related.

You will find my first piece of code, which calculates Fibonacci serie only based on register work

It's not big math so its stop after reaching the 64bits limit of register size. Next step will be to play with buffer to process longer number and calculation

You can find everything here :

Not a bunch for the moment

computer related:


Local Stuff

This section contains some of my writing, intellectual work, or discussion about what i like. This is only the poor result of my fooled wits.

I riped a nice french book, so i provide it to you here. Be careful its a bit strange

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